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Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionPower RequirementsConditionYr Made#PriceNotes Location
233414 Advanced Thermal Sci DEX-20ATemperature control systemVery Good0 3 Villach, Carinthia
105231 Airtek TW-130Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer1151 Phase 1 F* Scotia, New York
194974 Alexanderwerk BT 120 PharmaRoller Compactor -- Benchtop4606.03 PhaseExcellent2008 1 F* Scotia, New York
195004 Alexanderwerk RFG 150 DARotor Fine Granulator with Universal Gear Motor...4603 Phase2010 1 F* Scotia, New York
248777 AMAT UVC2012 1 Dresden, Saxony
248778 AMAT UVC2012 1 Dresden, Saxony
248779 AMAT UVC2012 1 Dresden, Saxony
232897 Applied Materials In 0040-62020RETAINING RING, FLANGED PPS AEP, 300MM PROFILER 1 Malta, New York
215551 Autoclave Engineers 401C-02176.3 Liter Zipperclave, MAWP 725PSI2006 1 Scotia, New York
158833 Autoclave Engineers NB196Bolted Closure Pressure Vessel2007 1 F* Scotia, New York
211558 AZCO Corp SM6C Cut to Length Unit with Unwinder1201 Phase 1 Scotia, New York
221102 BESI X-Eye SF160 SL3803 PhaseFair2014 1 22,806.11 Batam, Riau Islands
221096 BESI Holland MK-13803 PhaseGood1995 1 54,014.47 Batam, Riau Islands
241436 Cannon Image PROGRAF Scanner Printer Model iPF8100Good 1 Deer Park, Texas
238319 CBI 200-ARRMElectrostatic Chuck Resistance Measurement Tool 1 Scotia, New York
225189 CBI 200-ARRMElectrostatic Chuck Resistance Measurement Tool 1 Scotia, New York
224103 CBI ECJ-200ESC Centering Jig 3 Scotia, New York
241152 Cooper LMA-6 Reciprocating Gas Compressor Parts 1 lot Freeport, Texas
119626 Despatch Equipment CabinetEquipment Rack--Heavy Duty 1 1,200.32 Scotia, New York
138226 EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 19"1151 Phase 1 175.05 Scotia, NY
233426 Genmark Automation Porta300P2 loadports with parts2011 1 Malta, New York
180112 Hall Tank Co. AH-16New-Never Used1991 1 F* Houston, Texas
239777 Hiller GmbH DP484/11012/FD HILLER DECAPRESS DPGood2017 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
248938 Kardex Shuttle XPExcellent2014 1 Villach, Carinthia
248140 Misc. Item Sale 1 Hayward, California
249963 Modular Truck Toolbox 1 lot Freeport, Texas
247203 Nissan Motor UM02L20UNissan Forklift (Battery) Fair1995 1 0.00 Malacca, Malacca
184773 Orbis FP151Totes -- Stack-N-Nest Very Good 2000 12.00 Scotia, New York
195973 Pfaudler Custom24" Double Cone Vacuum Dryer - HastelloyVery Good1998 1 Scotia, New York
166304 Positech LA-3030Ergonomic Lift Assist - LodeArm 30302009 1 Scotia, NY
212091 Retsch SR-300Rotor Beater Mill3 Phase2008 1 Scotia, New York
239810 Siebec GmbH P50-52527 New-Never Used2016 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
204309 Tel Tactrus NCCPGate Etch2010 1 Malta, New York
244967 Teradyne Teradyne A5653803 PhaseGood1999 1 Batam, Riau Islands
244968 Teradyne Teradyne A5653803 PhaseGood2003 1 Batam, Riau Islands
244969 Teradyne Teradyne A5653803 PhaseGood2006 1 Batam, Riau Islands
244970 Teradyne Teradyne A5653803 PhaseGood2001 1 Batam, Riau Islands
244971 Teradyne Teradyne A5653803 PhaseGood2000 1 Batam, Riau Islands
3279 Thoreson Mc Cosh TD12Dryer, Plastic Pellet4607.23 Phase1989 1 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Items and Mixed Lots:
Advanced Thermal Sciences, Airtek, Alexanderwerk, AMAT, Applied Materials Inc., Autoclave Engineers, AZCO Corp, BESI, BESI Holland, CBI, Despatch, Genmark Automation, Hall Tank Co. , Hiller GmbH, Kardex, Nissan Motor Company, Ltd., Orbis, Pfaudler, Positech, Retsch Gmbh, Siebec GmbH, Tel, Teradyne, Thoreson Mc Cosh